Silk pillowcases

  1. Extremely fine and delicate texture: The natural dense weaving of silk pillowcases forms an extremely fine, delicate, and smooth fibre structure, rendering all silk-made items exceptionally soft. Embracing a gentle and smooth silk pillowcase facilitates a more soothing sleep experience that encourages relaxation. Transitioning from regular to silk pillowcases will gradually allow you to wake up more refreshed.
  2. Exceptional temperature regulation: Silk pillowcases exhibit insulating properties and possess distinctive temperature regulation capabilities. Silk's ability to adjust to both low and high temperatures makes it an ideal material for various weather conditions. In warm months, silk pillowcases effectively draw away moisture and dry rapidly, ensuring comfort without the discomfort of sweating. Conversely, during cold months, silk pillowcases maintain warmth uniformly.
  3. Tailored for sensitive individuals: For those prone to allergies or have sensitive skin, the use of silk pillowcases can significantly alleviate these concerns. The hypoallergenic nature of natural protein fibres in silk ensures there's no need to worry about attracting pollen, dust, or other potential allergens. Furthermore, silk's resistance to microbiological or fungal activity eliminates any risk of harbouring bacteria or fungi.
  4. Skin-friendly properties: The gentle nature of silk extends its benefits to the skin. Free from the risk of irritation or abrasions, concerns about the material being harsh on the skin are alleviated. Additionally, silk prevents moisture loss from the skin, allowing you to remain hydrated throughout the night. Consequently, you'll experience nourished, youthful skin without the development of wrinkles.
  5. Ideal for hair care: Likewise, the soft and smooth texture of silk fabric prevents moisture loss, knots, and hair breakage. This, in turn, enables you to enjoy softer and shinier hair. By incorporating a silk pillowcase into your routine, concerns about unruly hair, dry strands, and sleep-induced wrinkles can be set aside.
  6. Luxurious feel and exquisite appearance: Silk products boast an exceptional aesthetic appeal. The fabric's unique sheen and its ability to accentuate colours make every silk product visually stunning. As a result, when neatly arranged on the bed, silk pillowcases elevate the overall look of your room, imparting a more elegant atmosphere.
  1. Mulberry silk: Mulberry silk represents the highest quality silk and is considered the most prestigious type available on the market. This particular silk is produced by cultivating silkworms on mulberry tree leaves, typically in China. The production process involves exclusively feeding silkworms mulberry leaves, resulting in the finest and purest silk.
  2. Momme (mm): Momme is used to measure the density of silk fabrics and provides insight into silk quality. For example, if a piece of silk measuring 30.5 meters in length and 1.1 meters in width weighs 9.7 kg, the density of that silk fabric would be 22 momme. Nearly 20% more silk is present per square inch in 22 momme silk compared to 19 momme silk. The high sheen of silk is preserved through dense weaving, which also increases durability.
  3. What is the best momme count for silk pillowcases? Pillowcases made of 22 momme pure silk material are considered almost twice as durable as those with lower momme weights. The highest-quality silk pillowcases combine these key factors: momme count density (mm) + quality grade + silk type = Ultimate luxury.
Sjaj svile određuje se načinom na koji ona delikatno hvata i reflektuje svetlost, svojstvo koje nije moguće reprodukovati sintetičkim materijalima. Iako su i svila i saten glatki kad ih dodirnete s prednje strane, saten je klizaviji od svile. Poliesterski saten ima “tvrđi” i plastičniji osećaj sa poleđine, dok je poleđina svile charmeuse i dalje mekana, ali sa nešto manje sjaja. Lažna svila može izgledati sjajno s prednje strane, ali s poleđine odiše plastičnim izgledom.
Pure 100% Mulberry silk is naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial, suitable for people with asthma, eczema, dust allergies, and other skin conditions. Before purchasing, check if the silk is certified by an independent testing and accreditation program, such as OEKO-TEX, for safety and purity. Although synthetic fibres and fabrics can be OEKO-TEX certified, this process is expensive and time-consuming, so you won't find it on synthetic fabrics presented as silk. Fabrics with OEKO-TEX® certification will be marked or visible on the company's website.
The rise in popularity of silk pillowcases is evident, making them a staple in contemporary bedrooms. Nonetheless, there's a lingering question: do silk pillowcases truly contribute to an improved sleep experience? With the increasing market interest and the consistent surge in popularity, silk manufacturers are evidently making successful strides.
Absolutely! A silk pillowcase certainly contributes to better sleep. To invest in a silk pillowcase, it's important to know exactly what you're looking for. As a natural material, silk brings a wide range of benefits with it.

Silk pillowcases represent an investment in your health and beauty routine. They offer numerous benefits, such as reducing hair breakage and preventing wrinkles.

To make the most of your silk pillowcases, understanding their characteristics is crucial. Knowledge about the advantages, lifespan, and proper care techniques can help you in the long run.

Various factors can affect the lifespan of silk pillowcases, including frequency of use, silk quality, maintenance, and care. It's important to follow proper washing techniques, storage tips, and preventive measures.

Investing in high-quality silk pillowcases is a smart choice, especially for those looking to enhance their beauty and sleep routine. By following our tips, you can maintain the quality of your silk pillowcases and enjoy their benefits for years.

Take care of your silk pillowcases, and they will take care of you. Don't settle for low-quality alternatives. Invest in high-quality silk pillowcases today.

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