Dear consumers,

In accordance with the provisions of the Law on Consumer Protection ("Official Gazette of the RS" No. 88/2021), we inform you about the conditions, method and procedure of how to file a complaint and resolving complaints.

What is a complaint and what are the reasons for filing a complaint?

A complaint is a legally regulated procedure for solving customer complaints due to defects in the delivered product.

If the product you ordered and received has a manufacturing technology defect or a hidden defect and when this defect makes it difficult or impossible for you to use the product in the usual way, you have the right to submit a complaint to SILMA B&W in order to eliminate this defect.

If the non-conformity occurs within six months from the date of takeover, it is assumed that the non-conformity existed at the time of the transfer of risk, unless this contradicts the type of delivery and the nature of the particular non-conformity or if the seller proves otherwise.

What is not considered a reason for filing a complaint?

The defect in the product occurred after taking it over, as a result of your action or case

The risk of accidental failure or damage to the product after the moment when the product has been handed over to the consumer or a third party designated by the consumer is bears by the consumer, and this is not a reason for filing a complaint.

If the defect is insignificant

If there is a defect in the product which is delivered and takeover, but it does not affect the usability of the product in the usual way, your complaint will not be accepted.

If the product is correct

The consumer can make a complaint about a product that functions in accordance with its regular purpose and is in all respects in accordance with the contract, but such a complaint will be rejected.

If the defect occurred as a result of your actions, your complaint will be considered unfounded if, for example, you washed or dried the product without following the maintenance instructions.

Complaint process:
How and where to file a complaint?

Ukoliko ste, nakon preuzimanja proizvoda, ustanovili da postoji neki od razloga za ulaganje reklamacije, najpre je potrebno da popunite Zahtev za Reklamaciju svim traženim podacima. Zahtev za reklamaciju je zatim potrebno odštampati i potpisati.

Submit the completed and printed Complaint Request, together with all the papers that were sent to you with the product (cash receipt, delivery note, etc.) and the send delivered product to the address for receiving complaints:

SILMA B&W d.o.o. Beograd-Stari grad

ul. Žorža Klemansoa br. 18

11000 Beograd


If you decide to send us a complaint by mail or courier service, it is necessary to adequately package the product before sending it and clearly state the recipient's address on the package. SILMA B&W does not assume responsibility for the loss of the shipment and damage/breakage of goods that occurs during transportation due to inadequate packaging or addressing.

Ways to resolve consumer complaints

Based on your statements in the complaint, the persons authorized to resolve consumer complaints determine the validity of the complaint by inspecting and testing the product and, if necessary, consulting the manufacturer-authorized supplier.

After testing the product, and based on the facts established during the inspection, the persons authorized to resolve consumer complaints make a decision approving or rejecting the complaint, within the legal term of 8 days from the receipt of your request.

Decisions on complaints filed

If it is established that your complaint is justified, we will issue a decision approving the complaint.

According to the accepted complaint, in accordance with the legal norms, we will proceed as follows:

  • If for some reason we cannot replace the product, we will offer you another product of the same value or a more expensive product with an additional charge, or you can ask for a refund.

If your complaint is not justified, we will return the product you complained about with a decision. SILMA B&W is trying to meet its customers by accepting complaints requests whenever possible, even when they are legally unfounded, in the desire that all our customers are, above all, satisfied with their purchases.

Individual reaction to the product, if you did not indicate a special sensitivity to the ingredients before buying, and the product is correct.

Pay special attention to the product declaration before buying, and you can contact the seller for all questions, dilemmas and comments.


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