Mr & Mrs Silk Splendor sleep mask set

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100% mulberry silk, 6A grade, 22 momma

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We believe that beauty sleep is not a fairy tale.

Podelite ljubav sa partnerom uz set svilenih maski za spavanje “Mr & Mrs Silk Splendor”.

With 100% Mulberry silk (6A grade, 22 momme), these masks gently envelop your eyes, providing a luxurious relaxation experience.

1. Anti-aging silma® eye mask, with 18 amino acids and smooth weaving, retains moisture, leaving the skin hydrated.
2. Hypoallergenic pure silk protects the skin from bacteria and allergens like dust mites that cause irritation and breakouts.
3. Anti-sleep wrinkles gentle fibers of pure silk protect the skin from creases during sleep, making the sleep mask ideal for maintaining smooth skin texture on the face and eye areas.



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